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The Clinical Fitting and
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Patient’s Progress

Deborah's Story from 2001
“When I was nearly 2 years old my dad noticed my right eye had a silver pupil instead of a black one. This only showed up when the light caught my eye. So I was taken down to Manchester Eye Hospital where they said they would send me to see a consultant called Mr Hungerford at St Bart’s Hospital in London.

Mr Hungerford checked both my eyes and said, there was a large tumour called Retinoblastoma in my right eye and he would have to take the eye away as the tumour was too big. When I had the eye removed I had a clear shield with a small hole in the middle put in its place until the socket got better.

The eye was taken away to be checked if any cancer cells had gone down the optic nerve. Two weeks later the results came back clear and no treatment was needed only regular check-ups.

The next step was to see Mr Brammar at the Manchester Eye Hospital. He made my eye by getting an impression of my socket which was by putting some orange compound in it. It felt uncomfortable but it was only for a few seconds’ even minutes.

When he made the mould into the shape of my eye it was time to hand paint the eye. He puts a bubble of water on my eye and paints the colours just the same as the other one. Now I am 10 years old and I am going for my 3rd new eye because I grow out of them every few years. When I am at school my friends don't notice I have a false eye and I even forget.”

Letter with Before and Afters of Little Girl Growing Up

Young Woman With Nice Eyes

2013 Update
“I am now 22 years old and am a full time Beauty Therapist/ Receptionist. Confidence in my line of work is a must. My job is to improve the confidence of my clients, by enhancing the beauty of their appearance. In doing this, I need to be confident with my own appearance.

I went through a stage in my teenage years of covering up my prosthetic eye with a very long side fringe. I was convinced that whenever anybody looked at me, they would notice I was different; my worst fear, they would mock me. For this reason I allowed myself to blend into the background.

Soon I came to realise that this was all in my head. No-one questioned my "fault" and my friends had accepted me for who I was. Over the years, I have grown accustomed to my eye and have, myself, accepted that it is a part of who I am. And I cannot change it.

The dedication Robin has put into perfecting my prosthetic eye is incredible. Nobody even notices it is a prosthesis anymore. This is mirrored by the compliments I receive from people, about my eyes, that aren't aware of what I went through as a child.

I really believe his skills and tentative nature have played a massive part in making me who I am today. I cannot thank him enough. Needless to say, the side fringe disappeared and my confidence blossomed. :)”

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