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The Clinical Fitting and
Laboratory Fabrication of
Artificial Eyes

Prosthetic Services

Three appointments are usually required for the fabrication and fitting of your ocular prosthesis.

First Appointment

This is a one hour appointment. We will take an impression of your eye socket by introducing a cream which sets to a soft, rubbery consistency to record the shape of your socket. The iris (coloured part) of your prosthesis is then hand painted in your presence to obtain the best possible colour match to your natural eye colouring

Second Appointment

A wax pattern that fits the impression that was taken at the first appointment is produced . We carefully modify and sculpt the wax pattern. We conclude this appointment by positioning your iris or cornea unit to accurately align with your natural eye until an ideal compromise between the following is achieved:

• Fit • Comfort • Mobility • Lid-line • Contour

Third Appointment

This is usually a simple matter. You will come to collect your artificial eye prosthesis, and we will make any minor adjustments that may be necessary.

Cosmetic Shells

Wear your cosmetic shell over your blind or disfigured eye to create the same effect as an artificial eye. We recommend this to those who may have an eye that has become phthisical (shrunken), as it is an ideal way to restore a natural appearance. Normally five consultations for this prosthetic service are required, which are held in the following order:

• Impression • Fitting of trial shell • Centration • Artwork • Fitting of completed shell

You will be received with sensitivity, understanding and respect by all members of our team. We aim to provide a long term partnership with you for the ongoing management of your prosthetic requirements. We are here to help and support you day to day with any prosthetic issues that may arise.

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